The Official Countdown Has Begun!

Ireland landscape

Somehow it didn’t feel real until we bought our tickets. Now that we have, our planning is in turbo drive!
We’ve both decided our last days at our day jobs, (March 24th!)  then we’re planning on spending time with my folks, and with some friends and family in Portland, before we fly out to NYC then off to Ireland!

Every weekend is met with a list of things to do. Research the best way to backup our documents and photos. Book our stays in New York and Dublin. Sell off more things. Research banking options. Get caught up on vaccines. Doctors appointments. Dentist appointments.  Filling in a few gaps in the limited wardrobe we’re bringing. The list goes on and on!


As of today, we have 86 days to go!

We fly to Dublin, Ireland on April 14th.

As we start checking more things off, we’ll be sure to update our progress. Stay tuned!


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