Revisiting London

London! London! London!

I love London. This was my second visit to this amazing city and Jake’s first. The history here knocks my socks off every time.
We were only in London for a short week, which is never enough, but still managed to really enjoy some sites.


GIN CLASSgin tasting Merchant London

Our first stop was a Gin Class. We received a wonderful gift from my folk’s ages ago for experiences, (great idea as a gift!) and we were able to use it in London!
We signed up for a class all about gin. The class was held in this hidden away, almost speakeasy type bar, and we were the only students.
We got to learn the history of gin, how it came to be and how it’s changed over the years. With lots tastings along the way!
Let’s just say I’m glad we were able to navigate our way back to our AirBnB after that one…
 gin tasting london at Merchant



When I was in London last, oh say 13 years ago, the Tower of London was a highlight of my trip.
This time was no exception. Jake and I spent a good 4+ hours walking the grounds, seeing the displays and just taking it all in. The amount of history to take place on this piece of land is just astounding. I don’t remember some of the exhibits when I was there last, like the armor. I wonder if I had missed it completely. It’s possible, and why you always need to go back to your favorite places.



This one has been one of our favorites. Genuinely spooky and we had a wonderful tour guide, which really makes or breaks any tour.
Some highlights included how Patrick Stewart saw a ghost while ON STAGE performing Waiting for Godot.
This ghost in the Ritz powder room:
the ghost at the ritz london


The tragic story about The Red Lady of St. James Park who was killed by her jealous husband who thought she was having an affair and now haunts the park- but only the men.
And a visit to the most haunted house in London 50 Berkley Square. Just standing in front of it is enough to completely creep you out.



I really wanted this picture:


platform 9 3/4 London
I know. Every tourist here has the exact same one, but I just wanted it! It was worth the 45-minute line to get it.
We tried to get there right at opening but just didn’t make it fast enough that day.
I’m sure you can get photos after hours with no line as well, you just wouldn’t get the props or flying scarf.
Whatever. Worth it.


We also explored the British Library with original pieces by the Beatles, one of the original copies of the Magna Carta, some incredible ancient Bibles, maps, and even notes written by Ian Flemming coming up with the idea for James Bond. Around every corner is something to see. Just walking the streets of London you feel like you are apart of it all.
Until next time ol’ girl.

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