We’ll be adding to this list as we go and have found websites or services that are useful.

All in the Planning

The Budget-Minded Traveler Blueprint
Jackie was an invaluable resource when we were planning this trip. Her podcast, blog, and book not only provided some valuable practical tips but also the inspiration to keep going when it felt like this trip would never happen. In June of 2017, she updated her book and turned it into an amazing course. In it she covers how to:

  • Take your next trip sooner with a bigger budget
  • Spend less on plane tickets without having to know anything about points and miles
  • Go absolutely anywhere on your bucket list
  • Pack less, but be more prepared
  • Use your existing smartphone abroad for FREE to call, text, and post your most epic travel photos on Facebook
  • Stay as safe and healthy as possible, even outside your comfort zone

Even though we were on our trip when she launched the course, I’m still finding the content amazingly useful. (and a few, “damn, I wish I knew that!” gems)

The Four Hour Work Week
The book that launched a thousand travelers. For me, the Tim Ferriss classic was paramount to shifting the way I saw my life and the possibilities before me. We live in an amazing age where you can work from anywhere and have more control over your life than ever before. Why not take advantage of it?

The Money School
Whitney Hansen is my go-to for all things finance related!
Need help creating a budget for travel? Need accountability with your finances? The Money School is a great place to start. Check out her courses, or even just join her free Facebook group.
Budgeting is not my superpower, but there’s no way we would have been able to take this trip without it!

Travel the World on $50 a Day
Whether you travel on $50 a day or not, it’s all about knowing what’s possible. You don’t have to couch surf if you don’t want to. Maybe you’re over sharing a dorm room with 30 people. I get it. (me too) Money seems to be one of the main reasons people have for not traveling more. There are a lot of ways to save money when you travel and truly have an unforgettable experience. Matt breaks down quite a few ways worth exploring.



This is our go-to for looking for lodging. We’re older and value our quiet and privacy. While hostels can be great as well, we’ve found most of the time we can find an AirBnB for less than the cost of two dorm room beds.

Trusted Housesitters
There are a bunch of house sitting websites we have yet to explore, but so far Trusted Housesitters seems to be the one with the most listings. This may change depending on where we are.
But we did make a note that there are a TON of listings in the UK- so on our next visit, we will be sure to be checking here first!

Stuff to do

Free Walking Tours
When arriving somewhere new, our first search is “free walking tours”.  We’re amazed at the number of quality “gratuity-only” tours there are out there!

Free Museums
Many cities have free museums that are worth checking out. Before you get pulled in a million different ways by every tourist info center or guide of the places you “Just can’t miss!”, see what’s free first. You may be more impressed than you think.


NOTE: Yes, some of these links we will receive a small commission from if you decide to sign up/ book/ purchase something. However, nothing on this list isn’t something we have bought or tried and we will only share what we have found truly helpful.
The little bit we may earn through commissions helps us manage the cost of running this website.