Da Lat Vietnam

Da Lat Vietnam

While Erica was traveling with us, we wanted to get out of the city of Saigon for a few days. We took the advice of a dear friend who used to live in Vietnam to head up to the mountain town of Da Lat. (Thanks, Tryg!)

Cooler temperatures, mountain air, and beautiful scenery. I’m so glad we took his advice!
Da Lat Vietnam
da lat vietnam
Da La Vietnam
We also met up with some Canadian travelers whom Erica met on the flight over from the States.
Together we ate great food, visited some temples, and got caught in some pretty epic rain storms.
da lat Vietnam
We took a day trip out to Prenn Falls was kitschy but worth it. It’s a… well, I’m not exactly sure how to describe it…a park-seume-tourist-trap? The waterfalls were cool and there were your touristy-type shops to buy things, poop coffee to drink, both weasel and elephant because of course, that’s a thing, animals to ride, and a mini-zoo.Da Lat Vietnam
The animals were a bit sad to see there. Lions being kept in small cages, elephants chained and ridden. All of which you have to pay extra for, so I would not recommend those extras. 🙁
da lat zoo
Transportation in Da Lat is either on a motorbike or taxi, which were pretty easy to come by. We took a cab out to Prenn Falls,  and several cabs were waiting when we were ready to leave. So that worked out really well for us.
One day was spent on an Easy Riders tour where we all got to experience Vietnam as one should. On the back of a motorbike!
Our Canadian friends had both driven motorcycles back home, so were able to drive themselves, but Erica, Jake, and I, all climbed on the back of our guides bikes for an epic day in the countryside.
We stopped at lookouts, chased waterfalls, toured a silk factory, (ate silkworms!), and drank weasel-poop coffee while overlooking a beautiful coffee plantation.
da lat silk factory tour
da lat 

da lat

When you see it, you can’t unsee it…

da lat day trip
The motorbike tour was a highlight of our time in Vietnam for sure!
Our tally for Da Lat:
3 waterfalls played in
2 waterfalls walked behind
2 weasel poop coffees drank
1 elephant poop coffee drank
1 silkworm eaten
And too many new memories and good times to count!
If you do make it to Da Lat, definitely check out Easy Rider tours,  drink all the coffee, (poop and otherwise) and explore the night market.
… just don’t drink the wine.

There is so much of Vietnam that we didn’t get to explore. But it’s truly a country that captured my heart and I can’t wait to go back one day.

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