Merry Christmas From Australia!

Melbourne Australia

When we started planning our trip, we had no idea where we would be spending holidays.
Fourth of July was spent traveling from Paris to Prague.
Halloween was in Bangkok watching scary movies Cinema Winehouse and doing the Time Warp with new friends.
We had an “Italian” Thanksgiving in Chiang Mai where we had the best Italian food outside of Italy, then bought pie to bring home and watch Miracle on 34th Street. (the original… obs)

Now we’re coming up on Christmas and we’re in Melbourne, Australia! What a switch to be spending the holiday season in warm weather. December is Australia’s summer, so the winter holidays look very different here. Think holiday lights on palm trees and light lasting until 9PM.
I’m writing this while wearing a tank top and thinking about turning on the air conditioning. A very different experience from being bundled up in Seattle.

We are fortunate enough to have some great friends here who have welcomed us to spend Christmas with them and their friends.  We’re also meeting up with some Seattle friends who happen to be visiting their family in Melbourne for the holidays as well! What an amazing coincidence!

When you are so far from family, it’s truly wonderful to have friends to spend the season with.

So far, Melbourne has been wonderful. Australia is a welcome change in many was from South East Asia. Jake and I were very excited to be able to brush our teeth with tap water, throw toilet paper in the toilet, and walk next to each other on sidewalks. All things you can easily take for granted when you have them, but when you don’t… well, let’s just say I’m grateful.

Our first week has been recovering from jet-lag (it’s only a four hour time change, but tack on a red-eye flight and 20 hour travel day, and that can wipe anyone out for days!) catching up with friends, exploring the city, and drinking wine!

Wine tasting in Portarlington.

Wine sheep are the best sheep.

Winery sights – Portarlington Victoria Australia

We lined up a perfect housesit in the neighborhood of Brunswick where we will be staying the remainder of our time here in Melbourne. The home is lovely, the family amazing,  and we are falling in love with our new roommate, Piglet.


This is Piglet and we love her.


Happy holidays from down unda!

Where are you this holiday season?


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