Our First Purchase! Backpack For Long-Term Travel

best long term travel backpack
We’ve done it! We’ve made our first big purchase for our trip! (actually, our second purchase considering we backed the World’s Best Travel Jacket Kickstarter campaign)  We thought it would be a good idea to get our backpacks in advance so that we will have a few opportunities to try them out over this next year. Our first test was over Thanksgiving to visit Jake’s family in Cincinnati.
We had done some research on-line, and after spending a great deal of time trying on a bunch of different travel backpacks at REI, asking the experts for their advice, we decided on the Osprey Farpoint. Jake got the Osprey Farpoint 70 Travel Backpack and I got the Osprey Farpoint 55 Travel Backpack.
Best travel backpack Osprey Farpoint

Danielle’s sweet pack.

Here’s why the Osprey won us over:

Lightweight.  We didn’t want a heavy pack, nor one that would be uncomfortable to wear. They both weigh in around 3 pounds empty.
Detachable daypack. This feature wasn’t a deal breaker, but we really liked the idea that we can just zip on and off our day packs when we need to check our Farpoint Ospreybags or have a smaller bag to take out and about. I will probably also be bringing a small purse with me, but plan to make sure it can be rolled up and packed in the smaller bag on travel days. The daypacks also have a safe compartment for a laptop. We like them so much, we’ve actually been using just the day packs quite a bit lately!

Ease of checking. Some of the bags that we had explored came with large duffle bags to put your backpack in when you need to check it on a flight and we really liked that concept. The Osprey doesn’t have the duffle bag, but it does have a flap that zips up over the shoulder straps. This helps tuck them away and not get caught when getting checked on to an airlinefarpoint3.Farpoint Osprey

 We were a little disappointed with the lack of pockets, however after this last trip, I didn’t miss having any additional pockets at all.
For organization, we also got packing cubes. I have no idea why I didn’t get these YEARS ago! The cubes we found also zip down to help compares the bulk a bit, and they keep things SO organized. Love, love, LOVE!
 REI packing cubes
 I realize that it’s a little ridiculous to get this excited about packing cubes… but that’s my life right now. Judge away and I will be over here organizing my sweet new backpack.
What’s next on your travel gear list? Tell us below!


  • Osprey Farpoint, great choice! I even managed to cram everything in the Osprey Farpoint 40 (quite similar but without the daypack) and am still happy with my choice after 5 months on the road. Brecht has a messenger bag as daypack and I brought a small foldable backpack to bring things like water and some cookies when we go hiking or into town, or transport our groceries. We always carry our backpacks and Brecht’s messenger bag and we never had to check in our bags.
    Oh, I share your enthusiasm about packing cubes!

  • MissJenn says:

    Osprey is such a solid choice. I love my Sirrus 35 which I carried on my back 38 straight days of walking. In fact, I loved it so much that I recently very happily bought a 2nd Osprey (Aura 65) to add to the “family” since the 35L isn’t the right size for multi-night backcountry camping.

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