We’re a Featured Couple Travel Blog!

I know, it may be a little early as we’re not technically traveling yet… BUT we’ve been featured along side some of my favorite couple travel bloggers on the blog Travelers Universe (also one of my favorite blogs to follow!).

Laura, from Travelers Universe, reached out to the travel blogging community asking for couples to answer a few questions. It’s so wonderful seeing everyone’s answer to questions like, “Do you fight?” and “How do you divide up travel responsibilities?”
I’m really curious to see how our answers will change after 6 months on the road!

You can find our answers here:  (we’re third from the bottom 😉 )

Couples Travel Advice. 21 Travel Bloggers Tell All

I love that we are building up our travel blog now, as it gives us such a great opportunity to start making connections with other bloggers as well as really find what our voice and purpose of our blog will be. The travel blogging community is pretty amazing and I’m excited to be a part of it.  It helps keep me motivated to grow our blog now, visualize how I want to share our stories, connect with others who are doing what we want to do, as well as help identify what it is we really want our world to look like while we are traveling.

Starting this blog, we are aiming to share stories of our travels, as well as any travel tips we come across, and how to plan for long-term travels.

What else do YOU want to see from a travel blog? Ours or others?   We’d love to hear from you! 


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