kosice singing fountain

Slovakia started the “new-to-Danielle” segment of our trip. From now on, every country we visit we are both get to enjoy through new eyes.

We found Košice (pronounced Ko-shits-ah) by looking for a great Airbnb in the general direction we wanted to go. Just like we did in Dortmund.

We really lucked out with this place for sure.

Check. Out. This. View!



When I wasn’t staring out the window, gaping at Eastern Europe’s splendor, I was heads down mostly.

During the two weeks we spent in Slovakia, I spent a lot of time working. I wrapped up some projects for the company I’m working with, and also partnered with a friend on a live financial training event.

Whitney is an amazing coach who helps so many people gain a better understanding of finance, budgets, and what can be possible when you take control of your money.

She put on the Money Summit as a way for some pretty amazing women to share their expertise in their fields. The topics covered were everything from how to budget, how to pay off debt, debunking credit scores, and travel (which is where I came in) I was truly honored to be a part of such an awesome 3-day event from halfway around the world!

Everyone brought so much great information and I learned a lot from the other speakers. If you want to learn more about the Money Summit, check it out here: 

Money Summit

You can also find Whitney’s blog here and podcast “The Money Nerds” here.  

The Money Summit was put on via Facebook Live, and it was the first time I’d really spoken to people about our process to save and budget. The presentation was a lot of work to prepare for, but it was really wonderful to share our path as well as reflect on the journey that got us here.

To this view.


In Slovakia.

Even spending time working while we are traveling fills me with so much gratitude that we can live this kind of life at all.

When I wasn’t working and Jake wasn’t writing, we were out exploring.

Košice is the largest city in eastern Slovakia and has the quintessential European town center with cobblestone streets, churches that are centuries old, and of course street cafes with plenty of beer options.

kosice beer


One of our favorite activities was visiting Mikluš prison. Mikluš prison is a fairly well-preserved piece of medieval history that was really fun to explore. We learned a lot not only about the prison but about the history of Kosice and how it grew and changed over the centuries. Besides a small family, we pretty much had the place to ourselves, which made exploring the small cells and each little nook really fun!


kosice prison

kosice prison

I’m not sure which is creepier, that we’re in a medieval prison, or these guys…


The food we tried left a little to be desired, (like raw bacon and lots of ketchup on everything) but to be fair, we have been pretty spoiled on this trip.

I would love to explore more of Slovakia one day. The countryside looked absolutely beautiful when we passed through from Prague.


Have you been to Slovakia? Any tips for our next trip?


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