dublin ireland

Dublin, Ireland – April 2017

This was technically our first stop, however, we had already been on the road living out of backpacks for two weeks prior to our arrival. So when we got to Dublin, while we were so excited to be there, we also took some much-needed downtime. Our AirBnB was a bit out of the town center in a great neighborhood called Portobello.  So it was a bit quieter, but still close to pubs and shops. When we arrived, we couldn’t check into our temporary home for several hours. They were kind enough to let us drop off our bags, but then we still had about 3 hours to kill. Jet-lagged and exploring our new neighborhood, of course, we started looking for a place to buy our first Ireland Guinness. We happened to run into another American who gave us some great tips in the area and helped us scout out a place for our first Irish pint.
He also helped us not make the major “newb” mistake of taking a sip of Guinness before it’s had a chance to settle. Typically the pour is done in two steps, but when the pint is presented to you, it’s an amber or red color. You need to wait until it turns the famous black before drinking… so now you know too. You’re welcome.


It’s worth the wait…. Guinness really is better here.<3


As our travel blog is finally living up to the “travel” portion, I’ve been on the fence about what kind of posts I wanted to write here about our travels.
I don’t think the world needs another “10 things you CAN’T miss in Dublin or you will kick yourself in the head” post. Don’t get me wrong, I love those posts and I think they have their place. I just don’t think it will always be here. We may want to share some experiences, and make recommendations, but I’m just so not inspired to make our blog a travel guide. Other people are doing that really, really well and it just doesn’t light my fire.  (nor Jake’s for that matter)

So, what WILL we be posting here?
Stories about the people we meet.
Photos that catch our eye.
Our opinions.
And yes, maybe even some travel advice.

dublin ireland
Dublin was wonderful. Right from the beginning, we began to appreciate the slow-travel approach. There wasn’t this pressure to do and see everything in three or four days. We were very selective about what we did see and do, and made allowances to just chill out! It was lovely.portobello canal dublin ireland
Luckily, Jake and I both really enjoy walking as a way to explore a new place. It forces you to slow down and take it all in. You get to notice all of the nuances of being somewhere different.
Like the doors. The streets. Mailboxes that say “no junk mail” (does that work?!) stores, street signs, smells, and sounds. Everyday things seem new again. It’s almost as if you get to look through a child’s eyes and experience wonder in things that are so commonplace and ordinary. Travel is like magic to me. There is always something new to discover.
Dublin did not disappoint in the sights, smells, and wonderment category. We took some great tours, like the Guinness Storehouse and the Teeling Distillery. We visited a few of the national museums and were very impressed by the quality of the free exhibits.
Don’t get me wrong. No trip is always sunshine and rainbows. We were pretty let down by the ghost tour we took. It wasn’t a BAD tour… there just weren’t that many ghosts to speak of. I mean, come on… we’re in IRELAND… The land of banshees and great story tellers! We though the ghost tour would be a slam dunk. Tours like that, however, are only ever as good as the guide. So you take your chances anywhere I suppose…
We also managed to make time for a pint or two or fifty. I easily got caught up in the “grab a pint” culture. We were not, however, able to find a good cocktail bar. I’m sure they exist, but we struck out. When you go into a bar with a sign that says, “Whiskey cocktails” and ask the bartender to make you a good whiskey cocktail, you don’t usually expect to get a deer in headlights look followed by, “Like a Whiskey Sour?”
Ah well. There’s always next time. And Dublin, there WILL be a next time.
 More photos coming soon!


  • Lynne Nieman says:

    Yup there is a good cocktail bar that I went to that is in the center of town called Peruke & Periwig. I’m not a cocktail person so didn’t have one, but that’s what they’re known for. And Ireland, like Scotland, is now into making gin. So not just whiskey (or whisky). Too bad you missed that one. It was a cool little place.

    • Danielle says:

      Yeah, I know there must have been places that we missed. Gin has been huge here! But mostly served with tonics (bleck!) We are going to go a gin cocktail class in London we’re really excited about though!

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