2017 By The Numbers

2017 was an epic year for sure.
For starters, Jake and I embarked on this amazing journey! We’ve learned so much about our world and our relationship within it.
We met some amazing people. We saw some incredible places. We didn’t have much of a plan when we set out, but that made it all the more interesting.
Here’s how our 2017 looked like by the numbers.


16 countries
33 cities
4 continents
around the world route


15 flights
5 trains
Too many buses/taxis/ubers/trams/songthaews/tuk-tuks to count
in a songthaew - Chiang Mai


277 days living out of a backpack

29 NFL games watched (Jake gave up on the Bengals but still watched the Hawks)
18 new stamps in the passport
12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites explored
11 walking, bus, or otherwise tours
6 ghost tours taken (1 ghost seen)
4 elephants fed, muddied, and bathed
4 cooking classes taken
3 international meetups from friends back home
1 insect eaten (purposely)
1 double-humped camel ridden
riding camels in mongolia
Italian cooking class with wine

drinking out of coconuts - vietnam

giants causeway Ireland giants causeway Ireland

And too many to count

Castles explored
Temples explored
New foods tried
Pints drank
Photos taken
Markets visited
Chats with family and friends
New friends made
Moments that took our breath away
aran island castle
Edinburgh Castle
vatican museum
eiffel tower
mongolia how to extend tourist visa
Vietnam traffic
Melbourne Australia
Amsterdam Heinekein
tower of london
pho in vietnam - saigon
Edinburgh castle
carrick-a-rede rope bridge
2017- while you had some gut punshes as well, you were overall an epic year.
OK – 2018, let’s see what you’ve got!
aran islands rock walls


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