Postcards of New York City

postcards of New York City
Hello from Ireland! We’ve taken some time off to adjust to traveling and enjoy our “honeymoon” portion of our trip. Now we’re finding our rhythm from full-time tourists to full-time travelers.
Which means less spending and more time for things like this blog and work! This isn’t a holiday you know…
Our first “stop” on our long-term adventure was to New York City. It made the jet-lag a bit easier to break up the flights into two legs on our way to Ireland- and it was cheaper that way too… bonus!

Visiting NYC is like visiting an old friend, who you think remembers you, but you can’t tell if they’re just being nice.
Maybe you thought you were closer than they did… There were friendship bracelets and all, but whatever…I’m sure they’ve lost them by now.


Greeting the ol’ girl this time, there was definitely a sense that we had both grown and changed in the last 15 years. She was familiar but different. But, then again so was I.
During our three year BFF time, I developed a sense of pride making life work there. It can be a HARD life. It’s expensive and while people are friendly, they are usually so busy staying on top of their own life, that they can come across a bit cold or distant.


I was so excited that I got to show my husband this city. It was a big part of my life from age 19-22. Being able to study musical theater where it all happens was truly an amazing experience. I’m so thankful for my time there, but my living years there are definitely over.


New York is alive. It’s more than a place, it’s a personality. It’s always there, like a limb or your taste buds.

Central Park rowers New York City

Just a lazy Central Park afternoon.

Upper west side New York City

Upper West Side from Central Park.

Empire State Building New York City

Empire State

New York City street photography

NYC Street Life

NYU New York City

Near Washington Square Park and NYU

Washington Square Park Arch - New York City

Washington Square Park

New york city long exposure

Long exposure – Upper West Side

We had a wonderful few days in New York with Jake’s parents. It was so wonderful to be able to spend time with them before we headed out to the great beyond. We did some touring and LOTS of eating. We even got to see Glenn Close in Sunset Boulevard. It was a wonderful America send off!

Next up! Ireland! Stay tuned 😉

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