About Us

Welcome to Snaps, Scribbles & Suitcases!

We are a travel blog that will be posting about everything as we start our adventure of long-term travel. This is no vacation!
We are Danielle (Snaps) and Jake (Scribbles)  and we will be traveling the world with the goal of being international for at least a year.

Some of our goals:

– Volunteer in another country
– Learn to cook dishes from afar
– Share some amazing photos
– Share some amazing stories
– Explore ways of life different than our own
– Get uncomfortable (and learn to be OK with that)
– Meet amazing people
– Get lost
– Learn to communicate in languages other than English

Launch date is TBD, but much planning is already underway and we’re excited to share that part as well.

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Read our announcement here: Why Not Sell Everything and Travel the World

Woman and man arm and arm.


Jake grew up in Aurora, Indiana.  He attended elementary school in Kentucky, followed by high school in Ohio.  He was a true, tri-state traveler spending too much time in traffic.  Fast forward.  Post college Jake flew to Seattle in 2007 to find his fortune in gold.  Turns out, gold mining isn’t as profitable anymore, and after plenty of soul searching he…is still searching, but enjoys the healthy jaunts back to his roots in writing.  Fast forward.  He met an awesome girl, and proposed like a boss.  Post marriage Jake looks forward to traveling the world with the before-mentioned-dime-piece, and write about what he sees and feels.  And, of course, what he makes up.  He’s excited to start another journey here, and see where the adventure takes him.

Danielle was born and raised in Seattle. A true mossback! After a brief stint in NYC’s musical theater scene, she quickly discovered that she’d rather spend her money on travel rather than a one bedroom apartment shared with three others in Harlem. Danielle has traveled t0 15 different countries and counting. To finance her travels thus far, she has been working with some great Seattle companies and currently working in digital marketing, learning all she can about promoting brands on-line. She launched her photography business in 2013 and is excited to start a web-entrepreneur business with her soon-to-be husband as they explore a nomadic lifestyle.