Jake Solves All Your Travel Problems: The Sequel

Edinburgh castle

Ok.  Now I’ve been to Asia.  Still have a lot of Asia to go.  I’m excited.  Like a small child playing with their absolutely favorite toy. Or a stick.


These tips are totally dependent on whether you’re Long Term traveling.  Won’t be that important if you’re only being a tourist for a short week or two.


Things you should bring with you:


Spices! Look, traveling for several months at a time sort of requires that you cook.  Unless you’ve got deeeeep pockets.  Then hire a cook. Or, at least a personal tour guide.  Be creative, moneybags! I digress. After six months, cooking with salt only is boring as F*#k.  Chili Powder, Cumin, and garlic powder are surprisingly hard to find.  Plus, you don’t want to have to repeatedly pay for them.


Pro Tip: Don’t bring spices carry-on. This conversation never goes well: “I promise, it’s just onion powder.”


Plastic bags. I know, I know, not great for the environment.  But they are hella useful when out and about.  And they are lightweight and conform to spaces.  And they are NOT available in most countries’ grocery/convenient stores.  Just buy a gallon sized box and a sandwich sized box. Remove the bags from the boxes then unceremoniously shove them in your luggage.  You’ll owe m–errr, thank me.


Medicine.  If you’re gonna be gone for a while, buy a 500 pill bottle of ibuprofen.  It helps fight pain and fevers.  Pour the contents into one of your trusty sandwich bags.  No rattling. No fuss.  Bring whatever else you think necessary. Probably diarrhea stuff. Probably.

camels in mongolia

You just never know with camels.

Pro Tip: Do the same for Zinc.  Just. Do. It. #NikeKnowledge


Towels. Bring a big towel AND a small towel.  The big towel can be…a towel…and also a mat (can I get a “whut whut” my yoga brethren?).  The small towel can be a gym towel.  Or a hand towel.  Or a kitchen towel.  Or a blindfold for sexy fun time.  For serious, it has its uses.  Make sure they are the microfiber/quick drying kind.  They take up less space and are lighter.


Things to Consider:


AirBnB. After traveling every week to every couple of weeks through Europe, we’ve slowed down and are now traveling once a month.  Did you know that most AirBnB locations give a SIGNIFICANT discount (sometimes up to 67% off per night) when renting their space for an entire month? No?  Well, now you know and should do something about it.

New to Airbnb? Use our handy-dandy link to receive up to $40 off your first booking!


To Check Luggage, or not to Check Luggage? Good question, Hamlet McShakespeare.  IF you are not lugging your stuff around to a new destination every few days / a week, I would recommend getting a bag capacity of 65 liters +.   This means you need to check your luggage. This also means you can bring more with you.  It gets hella dull wearing the same clothes all the time.  For months. I don’t know, maybe you like it that way. The stale bastard that you are.


Screenshots. Okay.  If you are traveling a long time, more than likely you won’t have data for your phone. 

screen shot directionsI know!  I know! What is this, 2007? Maybe you pay for the data plan, but if you be cheap like moi, then take screenshots ofdirections, airplane/bus tickets, important linguistic phrases, and most definitely your new AirBnB address.  That way you have your sh*t together. Or at least, you’ll look like you do, and that’s what is important (Mean Girls taught me that).


Foam Roller. I don’t know if this is an interest for everyone, but you can get a “travel” foam roller.  It’s about 4” thick and only 13” long.  Yes, that’s important cargo space.  Make your spouse carry it. My wife made me carry it, and that’s worked out so far. But if you’re working out, or walking a lot, it can be fantastic for knotted muscles.


Be Annoying. No, don’t really do this.  I’m just checking to see if you’re reading.  Once, way back in high school, I did the same thing to a teacher in the middle of a paper.  Mr. Chronos gave me my paper back and told me to put “sir” at the beginning and end of the sentence.  I went home and changed that sentence to read, “Sir, are you reading this you asshole, sir.” Turned it back in the next day. Teachers can be awesome.


Ok. That’s all I got for you beautiful people. I’m sure more will occur to me and I’m sure you all want to hear about it. Things are what they are, after all.


Pro tip: that’s a good mantra for travel. Things are what they are.


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