One Year Countdown Update

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It’s been pretty quiet on the blog lately, mostly because our off-line life has been anything but!
Jake and I have decided to move. The decision came about for a couple different reasons. One, our rent is going up. That’s not really a surprise, but it made us take a hard look at our expenses. And two, we are approaching our one year countdown! It’s time to really take a close look at the amount of stuff we have and will be needing to get rid of.
We decided to find a smaller, cheaper apartment in order to start pairing down our stuff and focus on what we really need for the next year.
We found an amazing deal in the Lower Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle, which is about 5 blocks from my office and only a 20 minute bus ride for Jake. This is a HUGE difference from the hour/hour and a half commutes (each way!) that we each have now. We’re excited to get some of our life back and are in a much more walkable neighborhood. It’s perfect for us.
Moving from a 900+ square foot apartment to a 550 square foot apartment will be a challenge, but it’s one we’re really looking forward to.

Stay tuned!


  • We moved from a 2-bedroom apartment to a 1-bedroom apartment to a studio apartment, all in the years leading up to leaving! It’s hard to get used to, but you’ll find that you don’t miss all the “stuff” you used to have! Good luck with the move!

    • Danielle says:

      Wow, to a Studio! Impressive. We’re already stepping on each other in our new space, but it’s pretty great. The getting rid of stuff was a challenge mostly because I’m so sentimental, but once it’s gone, it feels SO NICE! Thanks for stopping by!

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