What is a Travel Article App You Ask? Great Question!

travel article app

I’m super excited to announce our first partnership on Snaps, Scribbles, and Suitcases! Some of our posts are now available with GPS navigation, so you can recreate our adventures.  (because obviously, we do all the fun things!)

We’ve teamed up with GPSmyCity to share our city-specific articles with travelers looking for a more unique and customized experience than they can find in a guide book.  Travel article apps are making waves on the travel scene as they are easy to download, accessible off-line without using any data, and are like having a personal tour guide right in your pocket!
The app is free to download and includes thousands of articles. You can also upgrade any article you’d like for turn-by-turn directions and offline use. It’s well worth the upgrade for the unique experience it provides! Travel blogs are increasingly becoming the way that people research destinations. I have so many bloggers that I follow regularly because I like their travel style and am inspired by their photos and destinations. To be able to take some of my favorite travel articles with me and have a guide to follow off-line to recreate that experience on my own… that’s just awesome!

gps guided travel article Dublin

You can download a full walking guide, like this one, that includes 16 different walks.

gps guided travel article Dublin

Or you can view a travel article to get more in-depth information about a location. Then to navigate, you just purchase the upgrade.





I’m really excited to use this app while we’re traveling and have already saved some city tours I’m looking forward to exploring.

The GPSmyCity app includes:

* Thousands of travel articles included.
* Detailed offline city maps for hundreds of cities worldwide.
* Location bookmarking on map.
* Touring routes clearly displayed on map.
* Precise turn-by-turn walking directions from one sight to another.
* The “FindMe” feature displaying your exact location plus Auto Tracking feature displaying your movement on the map, so you always know if you are moving in the right direction (this feature is not supported by iPod Touch and iPad WiFi-only models).
* All walking tours are fully functional in an offline mode, thus no data plan or roaming is needed when traveling to foreign destinations.
* Ability to create your own self-guided walking tours.

gpsmycity travel app guides

Give it a try!

Download the app and you can download any article for free or upgrade for offline GPS-guided use.

Download for Apple IOS HERE OR be taken right to one of our travel articles below! Sorry, IOS only at this time, with an Android release expected in the future.

Victoria BC capitol building

3 Days in Victoria

Unique things to do in seattle

Unique things to do in Seattle


Our Seattle article upgrade will be available for FREE Monday, Nov 21 until Sunday, Nov 27 – (valid for all time zones.)
Are you planning to visit Seattle? Download and give it a try! We’d love to hear how it goes!

It’s no surprise that we’ve started to collect several apps that have already made travel outside the country much easier. I’ll be writing about Travel Apps soon, but would love to hear from you!

What travel apps have you used and loved? 

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