The Best Gifts for Travel Lovers – The Ultimate Guide

best gifts for travel lovers

You know, we’ve been on the road for over 7 months now, which pretty much makes us experts in everything travel. We know what every travel lover in your life wants this year. So listen up!
You’ll have all of your holiday shopping done by the end of this post.


The Best Gifts for Travel Lovers


1. First Class International Airfare

What’s the point of flying first class if it’s a domestic, short, flight? I mean really?
I’ve never been upgraded to first class, but I figured if I ever was, it should be epic.

Best gifts for travel lovers - first class flights

Sitting behind the wing? Um, no thank you…. And where’s my free drink and nappy blanket?

2. Global Portable WiFi

I’m actually not sure if travel exists if you can’t rub it in. Searching for free wifi is time-consuming and limiting. Real travelers will want to live-stream every step of their journey no matter where they are.
And anyway, the best vacation is the one where you are still constantly connected to everything you know. I’ve done absolutely no research on this.. but this one has stars, so maybe it’s a good one. Skyroam Hotspot. 

Best gifts for travel lovers - wifi hotspot

If you didn’t Facebook Live or SnapChat something, were you even really there?

3. A New MacBook Pro

A traveler without a laptop is like… well, I don’t know what that’s like. I’ve never met one.

Best gifts for travel lovers - macbook

Travel cannot happen without Apple. That’s just a fact.

4. Noise Canceling Headphones

Sometimes it’s nice just to be able to tune out all of this culture once in awhile and binge listen to Missing Richard Simmons.

Best gifts for travel lovers - Bose headphones

I’m going to put these on, but it doesn’t mean I don’t want to talk.

5. A Big Stack of Cash

Travel can be expensive, and the traveler in your life isn’t using those Amazon gift cards for anything other than more travel gear anyway. You might as well just fork over that hard cash so they can blow it on a last minute trip to Belize.

Best gifts for travel lovers - Cash

Who needs to save for retirement when there are still countries I have yet to explore?



That’s it! Easy right?

Your favorite traveler will be all set for their next adventure with your help.

Happy holidays!

best gifts for travel lovers

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